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morning maryland. >> he said i want to go home. i told him. >> the devastation caused by sandy is taking an emotional toll on a father. >> all right. so much coming up for you on this friday november 2nd good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. we have seen it sandy may be gone but she is having a huge impact not just here but other places. >> recovery is taking place and it's going to take quite a while in a number of areas. the scenes are all too familiar long lines and people waiting for gas and public transportation and still with no power or clean water in the northeast. >> let's go out to renee marsh live this morning in new york city. >> reporter: we are in midtown manhattan there's power but 25 blocks from here, people in lower manhattan, they are still in the dark. four days after super storm sandy tempers are high. >> we are going to die. you don't understand you got to
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get your trucks here on this corner. now. >> reporter: new york senator chuck schumer met this woman while touring a water logged neighborhood. >> this is the worst i've seen and it's killing me it's killing me what the people have to go through. >> reporter: new yorkers are facing another day of crippled transportation and power outages. governor cuomo is warning there may be consequences for utility companies that did not properly prepare for sandy. con edison says the storm was worse than anyone expected. >> it was just off the charts and unfortunately we are where we are and we are like all the other utilities up and down the east coast right now trying to recover trying to get everybody back as quick as we can. >> reporter: in new jersey, lines for gas stretched for miles. some residents are returning home getting the first glimpse at the damage. >> and i am sure that the bay is here in my house. >> reporter: stories of tragedy are emerging. two young boys swept from their
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mother's arms during the storm. a volunteer firefighter killed by a fallen tree. and mayor michael bloomberg says there's hard work ahead. >> what we have to do is in memory of those that we lost make sure that we build as quickly as we can and as safely as we can and have a future for those they left behind. >> reporter: all right. and we know that later on today, homeland security secretary janet napolitano and fema will be touring hard hit staten island. reporting live renee marsh back to you. sandy knocked out power to more than 340,000 people. this in just or area. most people have their lights back on. we checked bge's website and there are about 3500 customers still experiencing outage more than half of them are in baltimore county. crews do expect to restore service toy person by tonight.
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>> they will need that power because the temperature keeps getting cooler and cooler. it's fall and it feels seasonal for us. but, the cold nights are tough. >> let's go over to lynette charles and see what we have in store. >> all right. temperatures are going to fall tonight actually the temperatures are well below average. these temperatures that we have been dealing with for the past several days are more like temperatures we get in late november. right now, we are on the chilly side this morning waking up in clarksville. 40 degrees, 42 in elkton and glen bernie and -- at 41. we will have the wind chill. maryland's most powerful radar is dry one lone shower around haganstown towards the west and snow across the area as well. especially if you heading into pennsylvania. but all in all, today will be mainly dry and maybe a popup shower here and there and drizzle but mainly dry conditions and also a few peeks of sunshine for today. we look at the planner and this is what it looks like.
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still 40 by 80, and 50 by lunchtime and chilly and cool outside. the breezy conditions by 3 and you can see the clouds you can see the sunshine trying to peek out behind the clouds. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. a chilly start. but at least we get an extra hour sleep this sunday. looking forward to that. heading to route 295 no delays but that will very well change later tonight. the parkway is going to be shut down at 10:00 right at west nursery road. it won't reopen until 10 tomorrow morning. and west nursery road will be shut down at the same time but that won't reopen until 10 on sunday. so you want to stick with route 1 or 95. and as your alternate routes looking live here at 95, just north of 195 everything moving along no problems getting down to dc or if you are headed up north towards 695, speaking -- not speak of 695. 83 in hunt valley no problems
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from shawan to the beltway. on the west side of 69511 minutes to travel the outer loop from 759 towards 95. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic megan and charlee over to you. five -- charley over to you. we are following breaking news in atlanta. police closed off streets around cnn's building because someone called 911 saying he was at the building with a chemical bomb. officers are sweeping the building looking for the caller and package. we will follow the story and any information that comes into the newsroom we will bring you the updates here on good morning maryland and also on we told you this story dozens of times in the past several months and we will tell you this one more time. rainwater weather and cold weather and whatever, srchg holes. >> it happens and the aging infrastructure is cracking. sherrie johnson is live this morning in north baltimore. >> reporter: we are here in the 4600 block of york road in
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north baltimore. this water main break is causing quite a few problems for people. you know, crews have been working around the clocks trying to fix this 16 inch water main. you can see here they are still a busy working and they were waiting for a part earlier this morning but now they are back at work trying to get this fixed and we called dpw crews and i spoke to a spokesperson about 40 homes and businesss are without water this morning. officials with the department of public works say the break happened around 1 yesterday afternoon and people from victoria's ministries international had to be evacuated. public works officials say crews are work on getting all the debris out of the way so they can get the break to start the repairs. water was rushing by so quickly that people parked nearby barely had a chance to react. >> i came out and the water was so high it was breaching into the car. so, it's to move the car
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because i figured that it would be some kind of emergency to clear the blocks. >> reporter: the city has not talked about the cause of this water main break. but weather and the change of temperature and an aging infrastructure can cause the things and right now the northbound drivers they are traveling northbound in thesouthbound lane and southbound drivers are being redirected here on york road. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> today is the last day you can vote early and if you plan to do it you better get ready to possibly wait in long lines. >> early voting was canceled for two days because of sandy and linda so is live in towson at one of the early voting centers and linda it's been pretty busy for the past several days hasn't it? >> reporter: it has. people waited in line for hours. we are here at the administrative building at towson university and you can tell by looking at this hill we are getting so close to election day. today is the last day for early
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voting polls polls will open at 8 and stay open for 13 hours and close at 9 tonight. this is what it looked like last night at rammeddalstown community center. the line wrapped around the building. some -- randallstown community center. the line wrapped around the building. more than 267,000 voters have cast their ballot early since polling centers opened in maryland. hurricane sandy forced early voting to be canceled on monday and tuesday but it seems voters are now making up for lost time. >> it's a privilege. and maybe because of my age, but like i told you, being 94 i don't know when i will do this again for a president. so i did it today and my wife was with me. >> reporter: a lot of people making sure they are getting their votes in for this historic election. there are 46 early voting centers throughout the state of maryland. if you want to find the one in your county there are several. go to the website at we have a list of all the early
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voting polling centers again those polls will open at 8 this morning and close tonight at 9. we are live in towson linda so abc2 news. 8 minutes after 6. baltimore city police are looking for a man that sexually assaulted a 6-year-old girl. >> they got specifics on the guy who he very well may be. we will give outdescription and tell you the -- you the description and tell outsurprising place it happened. >> need a good night sleep? it may be the foods you eat. >> and remarkable video since sandy hit the east coast. trees down nothing new but this is incredible. we will tell you the story behind this video in a bit. >> so we are dealing with cold temperatures for today. i will tell you if and when we get out of this cold weather pattern coming up. >> reporter: everything is moving right along here on interstate 70 at columbia pike but we are dealing with a water main break that is disrupting traffic on york road. i will have the details coming up next. >> and a live look at times square in new york.
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things trying to get back to normal. the marathon this weekend and giants are playing and let's go to this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites no huge frenzy but the wait is over for apple fans. why folks in tokyo want to get their hands on the ipad many 7.9 inch tablet will go on sale for 229 dollars for wi-fi only version and a higher price. cell service is better for those in the hurricane zone. 20% of cell sites in the region are still knocked out. google introduced the nexus4 and technology editor found a lot to like including the photo sphere feature. >> you can take a 360 photo and capture the ceiling or the sky and you can capture wide angle so it's cool and on top of that they made it faster. there's no lag to the operating
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system. >> reporter: and those are your tech bites, have a great day and i am rob nelson.
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aying with us on good morning maryland. on this friday, news time 6:13. want to show you some really interesting images and some perspective shots as we are in the back hillside of sandy so we are getting an idea of just how bad this was. and how big it was. if you go to abc, they have got a before and after slide show where you can manually go through this and this is chicago. on the south side lake michiganon a normal day. this is what happened as sandy made its way across the great lakes region. see things kicked up and churned up as a result of this storm. another shot we want to show you. we have seen this and normal
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night in new york. this is on the lower manhattan side in brooklyn look around many we will talk about the darkin the big apple that's what they see. many buildings lit up. and then completely in the dark. also, one we wanted to show you a bridge in new jersey. this is one of those across the bay areas in the garden state. and after sandy rolls through, completely wiped out. and one more i want to show you quickly one of the more common shots the pier the amusement parkpier in seaside heights after sandy blew through earlier this week. completely wiped out and you see the northeast corner and it has been crushed. part of a roller coaster is in the atlantic ocean. a mess they had to clean up along new jersey and in new york, but if you want to soon an idea in the before and after format go to abc2 news and look on theb before and after shied show. you've been talking about the images and video we have seen. if you are at home and are away
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from your tv, take a look at this. a family witnessed something -- look at this. trees in long island they toppled one after another before the fire starts. pretty dray madic video and audio -- dramatic video and audio. >> okay, my gosh. >> our trees. >> oh. >> our trees. >> your car oh, my god. oh, my god. >> it hit my car? >> it hit your car. >> there's fire dad. there's a fire. >> okay, my god. >> there's nothing i can do about that. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god. >> certainly puts things in perspective like not only watching that video because it's incredible but hearing the family react and there's stuff -- they are stuck inside the house. >> and shows the helplessness against mother nature. >> exactly. unfortunately i am watching another system that is going to be tracking across the area. i will show it to you on the map.
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doesn't look like it's going to do anything to us but new england i say maybe thursday wednesday thursday of next week, they could be seeing a coastal storm. and again you know about the track of things and it's way far out to sea if it comes closer inland or not. but that's what we are thinking right now. and i have to mention that. >> isn't the idea of rain in the area. >> yeah. >> and i wouldn't be doing my job if i didn't mention that. i know you don't want to hear it but this is what we are thinking. for us at home it will stay to the south and track up the coast. again, depending on how close it is i am going to show you that in a second. but let's show you what's going on with temperatures. it's cold. 40 in mount airy. jefferson at 39. baltimore 41 and more of the same in jess upand northeast coming in at 42 right now. and northville one of the spots there in the upper 30s. 40 in chestertown and 44 stevensville. so the winds are on the light to calm side. they will pick up as we go throughout the day. and we are going to be dealing with a wind chill so out of the
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northwest at about 5 to 20 miles an hour, 15 miles an hour that's what we are working with. let's show you what's going on right now with sandy. and the remnants well up to the north as of now. still bringing chilly conditions in here and the reason why is we are getting the northwesterly flow. that's a cold flow. this will continue as we go through today and even into next week many we need sandy to pull out of here. so this is the storm this is one storm that's going to track mainly to the south of us as we go into monday, tuesday and then we will have a more significant storm that's going to take the same track and then head up the coast and this is what i am talking about affecting new england as we head into thursday, friday of next week. still it skirts us and we will have to keep our eyes peeled on that system and that's what i am going to do. for today, we are dealing with some clouds and sun and very cold temperatures once again with the high coming in around 53 degrees as we go toward the afternoon. let's check the amount bc2
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timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: i have to side with the facebook friends i want the sunshine to come out. >> working on it. >> reporter: thank you. we do have problems in north baltimore dealing with a water main break on york road at cold spring lane. and the southbound travel has-- is redirected northbound lane only one lane getting by. so, you want to stick with charles street this morning. or even 83. and as we check in and look live at 83, just north of 695, you will notice everything is moving along. no delays knot city. as far as belt the -- no delays into the city. as far as beltway 9 minutes on the outer loop from 795 towards interstate 70. and the beltway going to be a great shape from parkville up to towson and traveling on the northeast corridor of 95 there are no problems in white marsh. traveling from route 43 to 695 that will take you 4 minutes. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charleover to you.
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don't forget to set your clock back. we will pick up an extra hour of sleep but if you like to get a couple more z's try changing your diet. >> food along with vitamins b # and b12 and folic acid can help you go to sleep so make sure to choose a diet you know full of complex carbohydrates and lean proteins. >> the doctor says bananas are packed with carbs and whole grain cereals with skim mill can be give you. [audio not understandable] they are considered a great lean source of protein and b-12 is in seafood it canly clams, oysters and -- particularly clams oysters and mussles nothing says bedtime like oysters. >> i don't know but if it works it works. good information. someone who has great information every friday is aileen gabbey from the maryland spca brought in a adorable kitten. >> this is picasso 4-month-old
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kitten unwanted very sadly and we actually have a harder time placing the black cats and kittens. they just don't necessarily get adopted as quickly. there's no time limit. >> is it superstitions? >> i wonder if people just are looking for something bright and fare so we are having a reduced adoption fee for kittens 50 dollars it cost us between 3 and $500 to care for them. >> that's a big deal. >> it is. and you say you have a lot of black kittens right now. >> we do. and they make great pets up for adoption today. >> they are beautiful and so is this one. one thing i wanted to talk to you about while you are here, some people lost pets during the storm the noise and wind and rain and it scared a lot of pets off. what do you do if you are missing your best friend. >> it's upsetting not to know where they are. look around the immediate neighborhood as soon as you can. with cats you can go on the personality if you have a shy cat look closer to home. post posters in the neighborhood check with the local shelters and you can try
6:21 am
online things craigslist has been great with reuniting pets with openers and there's new services, too. there's something called dogs finding dogs. and you can google that on the web and they use dogs to find your pets and find is is available and they do phone calls in your neighborhood to let people know your pet is lost. >> good information. and always call shelters like aileen said especially in maryland asb -- spca and this kitten needs a home. >> very relaxed. >> you are open this weekend. >> we are. saturday and sunday. >> maryland aspc thanks for coming. >> thank you. >> charley. >> all right if you met someone from new jerso you know how -- new jersey you know how proud they are and when your hometown needs help the career can wait. the cleanup is getting a big helping hand. and we are used to the moves on the court how about off? what the william sisters are doing here.
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good morning maryland continues in a moment.
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well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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they have the moves on and off the court. venus and serena william show off their moves this time not on the tennis court check them out. dancing with kids this is in nigeria. they were there promote the girls power and they hung out at the school with the students and taught them traditional nigerian dance moves and look lake they did pretty good. >> she is out of breath serena out of breath. she and venus over there. that's great. lauren cook is here with a check of today's caption this. >> osay dorable sent in by sharon straw of her dog jack junior and her grand dog jays he is the one wearing the cones. >> i don't like this. >> sharon calls it the party hat. >> i like it. >> that's good. >> we posted this on facebook and it generated a lot of comments. the minute the door is open we
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are out here and stop laughing at me. megan when you gois say we were geeing a tv dish it's no idea i would be the dish. and join saying -- jane saying where's the foil and valerie says wow, look at the legs on her she must be a german shepherd. so, thanks to sharon for sending this in and i need photos for next week. so e-mail them poo -- them to john bon jovi is cancel the rest of his tour to help with the recovery efforts. he will get the charity restaurant back up and running soul kitchen feeds homeless and for those who can't afford a meal. right now it's closed because of a power outages. >> sandy will be the big story for a while and when you see the devastation it's hard to imagine losing everything especially a pet. >> the stories are a sad but the destruction and flood and
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debris and sometimes the gleamer of hope is all you need. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine the pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a qualifying pnc performance select checking account and earn 75% more than cards earning 1% cash back on almost everything.
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you're watching the station that works for you, now, good morning maryland. she was tired of being ripped off

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